Here is a formal list of all the emoticons (smilies) that you can use in your WordPress.com comments.

Source: WordPress Support: Writing & Editing.

Thanks to Bryan for demonstrating the technique of using quoted strings to display individual emoticon texts without having them translated.

NOTE: Do not type the double-quote marks surrounding the emoticon text:

“:)” “:-)” “:smile:”
“:D” “:-D” “:grin:”
“:(” “:-(” “:sad:”
“:o” “:-o” “:eek:”
“8O” “8-O” “:shock:”
“:?” “:-?” “:???:”
“8)” “8-)” “:cool:”
“:x” “:-x” “:mad:”
“:P” “:-P” “:razz:”
“:|” “:-|” “:neutral:”
“;)” “;-)” “:wink:”

NOTE: At this time, there is no way to modify the smilies.

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