The Rules

  • This is my blog. Welcome! Take off your boots and stay a while, but scrape the bullshit off of them before you come in… don’t wipe them on the rug.
  • Please behave reasonably if you wish to leave a comment on a thread. By that, I mean, don’t malign the proprietor or the other guests (except by my permission).
  • Racial and gender-based slurs, sexual orientation-based slurs, generalized slams at particular religions including Islam and atheism (remember, the proprietor is NOT a Christian), and wild generalizations about people based on their place of origin or residence (even if it’s Texas) are unacceptable and will be deleted forthwith. “Do unto others” and all that good stuff.
  • I am the only one who is allowed to be an asshole on the threads here. I’ll try not to do that too often. (H/T BadTux for suggesting this concept.)
  • Threads on this blog are NOT “free speech zones.” Blogs are free. If you are in another political world from me, please get your own blog; you can say anything you want on it. The same is not true here. Comments here will range from centrist to overtly leftist in content and tone; right-of-center crap will be summarily deleted.
  • In particular, Republicans, libertarians (with or without the cap L) and neo-anythings (neocons, neoliberals, New Democrats) and other de facto conservatives will probably not find my threads hospitable. That said, there’s really only one rule about content in comments: if I don’t like it, it’s gone; if I come to dislike you, you’re gone, too.
  • Cussing is just fine. Strong language is both a signature characteristic of my generation and an essential expressive tool in reacting to the current sociopolitical situation. You may bleep some letters or you may let it rip; I’m fine with it either way.

Cool? Good! Enjoy your visit!

– Steve

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