Obama Is A Tyrant And A Killer… Please Vote For Him – UPDATED

Yes, you read the hed correctly. Yes, it is a significant change in my position.

Yesterday I posted a comment on the site of a friend which was apparently so strongly worded in opposition to voting for Obama that it prompted the friend to remove the post and the entire comment thread. At least I cannot find it today.

Of course I regret any offense given, especially to people I admire, but these are parlous times, and we discuss things that evoke strong feelings even among people of good will. My hope in posting that comment was that it would provoke a lively discussion about the limits to the obligations of liberals to the candidates of the Democratic Party, especially their candidate for president. We will all have to do without that discussion now, but the whole affair had one salutary effect:

I have changed my mind about voting for Mr. Obama. I shall now hold my nose and do so.

Look: the United States is on a steep road to the bottom. It is probably too late to prevent the ultimate collapse, maybe five years from now, maybe 20 years from now. (A lot depends on the rapidity of global climate change and the tenacity with which America clings to fossil fuels for everything.)

I have no love for Mr. Obama and his policies: his frequent cave-ins to Republican pressures, his propensity to unitary executive actions against individuals who oppose him, and his willingness to bend the Constitution, including legal due process, well past the breaking point. He is not an admirable person.

But I believe that a President Romney, a man with a level of fundamental human sympathy inferior to that of a drunken wealthy frat boy, especially if he were to end up with a Republican Congress, would bring about at least America’s economic collapse almost immediately, while the re-election of President Obama would leave us not much worse off than we are at present… still nothing to dance about, but at least there may be some chance of a recovery in a few years. And perhaps a few radical social-conservative bills in Congress, of which we’re seeing a lot lately, will draw an actual veto from Obama.

I know… “maybe he won’t be unbearably bad” is not the strongest endorsement of the man, but it’s the best I can offer under the circumstances. Let me phrase it slightly differently: with Obama, perhaps the US will not immediately turn into Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale.

If your outlook on Mr. Obama is similar to mine, you have a decision to make of far greater consequence than mine, because you probably live in a state that is not so red that Obama would never win it anyway… that describes Texas, of course. My vote means nothing. My lack of a vote would have meant nothing, too. So it’s up to you… not me… to see to it that Romney is swept into the dumpster of history. Help me out here!

(Click the graphic above to be taken to a place from which you can buy a bumper sticker. For the sticker in context, please click (link deleted… web site is registered to a web designer for the Republican Caucus of the legislature in a state out West). Something seemed fishy about the wording and by-and-large anonymity of the site. Worse, its list of links to major liberal/progressive sites was not labeled… are they participants? endorsers? just a blogroll? a fake-out to make you think it’s a progressive outfit? I don’t know why a Republican web designer would be tweaking liberals/progressives in that way, but it’s not the first such spoof I’ve encountered.)

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  • NTodd Pritsky  On Saturday April 28, 2012 at 9:35 pm


  • Shaun Downey  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Vote Obama: Better him thn a Republican fanatic. If Romney gets in I daresay Stella will not appreciate becoming Ofsteve!

    • Steve  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 10:37 am

      Shaun, Stella will tell you straight out: “Obama is a Republican.” Of course, what she means is a Dwight Eisenhower Republican, or at the very worst a Barry Goldwater Republican, i.e., not a total nut‑job… but a Republican nonetheless.

      If Romney becomes prez (not to say “wins”; with GOPers, they don’t have to win to take office), I may seriously consider leaving… or becoming one of the peasants Sir Rodney is always telling the King about in The Wizard of Id.

  • MandT  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    Steve, I am always so in tune with your views. While mine tend toward anarchy and the understanding of the necessity of collapse, which I feel is a certainty for the former democracy called America, my spiritual energy knows that compassion for millions of us depends on an Obama compromise. I do not see Obama as the lesser of two evils, but as the direction of fascism that still has a social platform, which will forstall the horros of collapse for at least a generation. Voting for Obama makes me ill, fills me with grief and the knowledge that I will die in a dying empire. Still, I do not regret any of the radical past and will go down with my last breath whispering, ‘liberal.’ FM’s spiritual approach to this tide of evil is wise. I recognize the truth in it, while my Irish/Scots will fight to the end. peace, M

    • Steve  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 7:17 pm

      MandT, thank you, for your kind words and your support. The decline of America goes so far beyond Obama-vs.-Romney that I fear we have scant chance to avert a collapse, but we must do what we can.

      I didn’t make the climate change problem, but I still try my best to contribute as little to it as I am able… e.g., Our House is on a 100% wind power plan; it may or may not matter to Stella, but we use quite a bit of electricity, and the tiny extra cost of wind power is my small contribution to reducing fossil fuel or nuke use. My life is simple enough, and my auto use physically restricted enough, that I probably use a tank of gas about every three or four weeks or so; despite driving an old clunker, I can burn a little bit less… it’s not much help, but it’s what I can manage.

      I put my painfully reluctant endorsement of Obama… I hardly dare call it support… in the same category. We’re not play-acting in fifth-grade civics class now; we’re in it for all the marbles… and I do mean all of them. If Romney becomes president, I think it is possible we are doomed, contingent on a couple of other circumstances. I have to do something to stave off the fall for as long as I can, even if it means holding my nose and voting for Obama.

  • MandT  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    In the back of my mind: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    • Steve  On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 7:21 pm

      I think Old Ben, or whoever really said those words (I suspect it was a phrase in common use in revolutionary times) would understand that what we are after here is nothing resembling “temporary safety,” but rather, as noted above, a last-ditch battle for the soul of our nation. He was in one himself; by the time he attended the constitutional convention, he was an ancient and venerable wise one. We can only hope to be as wise, and recognize that we may not see the restoration of the “land of the free” within our lifetimes. Still we carry on!

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