Temporarily Or Permanently, I’ve Moved…

… to my old Blogger blog. But rather than bookmarking it directly, you should bookmark the following link:


That’s a forwarding address that will take you to wherever I’m blogging at the moment. Create a link in your browser and paste that URL into it directly, and I promise you you can forget about the actual site address for a long time. If I stay on Blogger, that link will take you there. If I move back to WordPress, that link will take you here. If you blogroll me, please use this forwarding address, not the one your browser shows, in your blogroll.

Don’t bother commenting on this WordPress blog, even if you manage to sneak one past the filter. New posts and new comments go on the Blogger blog until further notice.

This whole experience has been a royal PITA which I hope to spare you all in the future.

UPDATE: I logged out of WordPress to test behavior on an “ordinary” (non-owner) user, and afterward, for a good 10 minutes or more, any attempt to log in resulted in a socket disconnect. WordPress itself was not down; I checked. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not looking good for the “home team.” As mentioned above, there’s a link which goes to the blog I’m using at the moment; please save it and use it.

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