PBS Obtains Video Of US Border Patrol Violence, Ultimately Fatal, Against Unarmed, Nonresisting Mexican

H/T ACLU of Texas in an email for alerting me to this incident.

Here is the PBS video of the incident. At least two videos of the incident were taken by cell phone; only one complete video survived. Exceptionally sensitive readers may want to avoid viewing what is ultimately a killing, quite possibly a murder. Border Patrol agents’ reports on the case do not correspond to events visible… and audible… on the surviving cell phone video. The incident was at night and the video is less than clear, but there is no problem seeing that the man targeted by Border agents is either handcuffed or bound at the wrists and face-down on the ground when he is tased multiple times. The audio is also quite clear: the victim cries out many times for help before he is ultimately silenced.

I will leave you with a statement from the ACLU email. Bolds are original from the email; I have replaced links to videos with direct links to the originals at PBS:

Since 2010, Border Patrol agents have killed eight members of U.S.-Mexico border communities and others have been seriously injured by the use of excessive force.

In June 2010, an incident that occurred along a railroad bridge connecting Juarez and El Paso made international headlines when a Border Patrol agent in El Paso shot and killed a 15-year-old boy on Mexican soil.

Watch the video: Learn more about the use of excessive force by Border Patrol.

The Border Patrol has taken no known action against any of the agents involved in the killings; no investigation has been made public. Last week, PBS’s Need to Know aired a half hour segment exposing excessive use of deadly force that has become routine for the Border Patrol.

Watch PBS’s Need to Know to learn more about the border killings.

Please note that in no way do I, or the ACLU, take a position on the much-debated need to control the borders and prevent illegal entries. That is a separate issue. The issue here is excessive force by the Border Patrol. If you watch the video, you will probably conclude that excessive force was used. There is no justification for that degree of force against a man obviously in no position or condition to resist arrest.

If the US is trying to isolate itself from the world, indeed, from one of its nearest neighbor nations, by xenophobic behaviors quite outside the standards of human decency, it is doing a damned good job of it. Whatever the legal outcome, I am disgusted and ashamed that my nation is pursuing such actions in my name. I do not approve!

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