Mitt Hates You: Rmoney [sic] To Speak At Conference Of Hate Groups

Via Pam’s House Blend of FDL, Rmoney is invited and plans to speak at the Values Voters Summit in mid-September, an annual gathering of org’s many of which are listed by Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups. Anti-gay and racist fanatic Bryan Fischer, politically involved former Klan grand wizard David Duke, Family Research Council zealot Tony Perkins, gay-hater Matt Barber (who must not be important because he has no wiki), etc., will all be under one roof thanks to the sponsorship of that “good” “Christian” institute of… something, Liberty University. And yes, Rmoney plans to speak to them.

Need I say more? If I knew nothing else against Rmoney, this would tell me all I needed to know. You know he’s not going there to tell them to mend their ways.

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