Robert Reich Gives Obama Free Advice… Worth A Great Deal More Than The Price

Robert Reich says Obama is pursuing the “We’re on the right track” strategy… and that it isn’t working nearly fast enough, and that there’s too great a chance of an economic stall between now and elections. Reich offers Obama four points on which to build a successful campaign; please go read them.

Reich correctly assesses that a Romney presidency would be an economic disaster of proportions greater than the Great Depression, and that the next president will probably get to appoint two Supreme Court justices.

Question for the reader: if you are an American, and if Romney becomes president, will you leave the US? If so, and if you’re willing to say, where will you go?

AFTERTHOUGHT: if Obama becomes president, life will be no bed of roses, though I suspect there will be some chance of recovery at some point, whereas with Romney, we’ll be doomed, probably permanently. In fairness, I’ll ask the same question about Obama: if he becomes president, will you absquatulate, and where will you go?

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  • Steve  On Sunday April 22, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    OK, I’ll go first: will I abscond? Probably not.

    Cripples have damned few choices. Retirees have matters to attend to, such as Social Security (if it still exists) and Medicare (ditto), which are best dealt with in‑country. Only if Romney begins imprisoning his political opponents… face it, Obama likes doing that, but Democrats really don’t know how, while Repugs have the technique perfected… will I start looking toward the borders.

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