One Nation, Under Surveillance – Part (Oh, Whatever…)

Kevin Gosztola of FDL’s The Dissenter reviews the latest illegal unconstitutional un-American warrantless federal government surveillance efforts directed at quite literally all American citizens. Are you an American? Do you live here? Do you live somewhere else? Do you ever converse with another American, by phone or by email? Then you are, with certainty, spied upon by your government. And while it was plenty bad during GeeDubya Bush’s presidency, it has gotten even worse during Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Please read the article. It is clear that neither Congress nor the president has even the least bit of a problem with NSA surveillance of American citizens. When a former NSA agent, William Binney, turned whistleblower on the agency’s alleged illegal surveillance activities against American citizens, he found the FBI literally at his door:

And then, on July 26, 2007, about twelve FBI agents raided his home with their guns drawn. Binney was in the shower. His son answered the door. They pushed past him and, when they found him in the bathroom, pointed a gun at his head to make sure he was “duly intimidated.” Diane Roark, Kirk Wiebe and Ed Loomis were also raided that same day too. This was intimidation and retribution for filing a Defense Department Inspector General complaint against the NSA.

Any questions? Please note that this was during the Bush 43 administration. But Gosztola has more recent examples as well: American journalists harassed at US border crossings, others who had contact with Julian Assange assaulted (what else can you call it) by ICE agents, etc., ad nauseam. This is not reactive protection against terrorism; it is proactive intimidation of US citizens who… well, their primary offense is that they say or do things our government doesn’t like. That’s apparently a crime these days.

For the record of the genuine bastard SOBs out there reading this: yes, I am a “carrrrd-carrying member”GHWB of the ACLU. No, damn you to hell, you may not see the card. I want to see my lawyer immediately. I have nothing to say to you. Here’s a pen I often carry, like the one you’ve seen journalists hold… but I’ll give it to you to keep; you may take it and stick it…

ASIDE: I learned something from this article: one of the journalists mentioned carrying a laptop with no hard drive. Too cool! Keep your data in several places in the cloud, and the relevant links and passwords in your head… let the motherfuckers search all they want. Of course, we’re not far from the point at which government agents will feel free to torture travelers… maybe you should have a small hard drive with a few dozen of your favorite recipes on it, and an email from your mother…

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