NYPD, National Park Service Threaten Occupy Wall Street

According to Kevin Gosztola of FDL’s The Dissenter, as of about 5PM ET yesterday, the superintendent of the National Park Service (!) had signed an order against Occupy Wall Street, who had moved to the steps of Federal Hall on Wall Street when they were ordered to vacate a “sleepful protest” on the sidewalks of Wall Street.

According to the updated headline, the Park Service has since relented; no details are posted. But one thing that hasn’t changed is a simple fact: if the National Park Service is ordering Occupy Wall Street out of places, then the Obama administration supports NYPD’s attempts to disband OWS. When the Obama administration and NYPD are on the same side of an Occupy-related matter, when they label one of their indisputably peaceable events an “unlawful assembly,” this cannot be good news for free speech and free assembly in America. This order… even if rescinded later… clearly indicates an intent by our current government to filter free speech based on its content. That is unacceptable under the First Amendment.

Do any of you still think we ought to vote for this guy? Yeah, I know; some of you do. What will it take to change your minds?

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