He’s Booooork!!!

Baaaaack, I mean. No, Booooork… Robert Bork. People for the American Way have put up a web site explaining to us that Mitt Romney has picked an adviser to help him choose Supreme Court nominees over the next four years, and that person is… Robert Bork. You remember that Bork was a nightmare when he was nominated… and turned down… for the Supreme Court himself, but you don’t remember the particulars? Fortunately, PFAW has made a video:

In the lifetime of our country, there have been quite a few deeply destructive Supreme Court justices. One could argue that some on the Court at this moment are among the destructive ones; I, for example, deplore what Antonin Scalia has done, and Chief Justice Roberts has much to disrecommend him as well. But neither is anything compared to the evil that is Bork. And Romney says of Bork, “I wish he were already on the Supreme Court.”

We must pull out all the stops to prevent Romney from taking… word chosen advisedly… the presidency. The consequences would exceed those of a GeeDubya Bush presidency by as much as a nuclear weapon exceeds the destructiveness of a conventional weapon of comparable size. Stop Romney… if for no other reason than to stop Bork.

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