Tax Day Post: Privatizing Taxation

Really. Why not? We allow the federal government to privatize every other Dog‑damned thing; why shouldn’t states allow private corporations to deduct state taxes from their employees’ paychecks… and then keep the taxes for themselves? There’s a certain shithead corporatist logic to it.

And sixteen (16) states actually do exactly that. The states are (in order of the year they initiated their corporate tax giveaways) (in order, highest to lowest, of revenue collected) New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi, Maine, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, and Connecticut…

… but not Texas. Texas has no income tax. Instead, it has an exceedingly large and regressive sales tax… 6.25% (plus 2% in most large cities). Everybody pays, and every day is Tax Day in Texas. A few items are exempt from taxation: groceries (but not restaurant food), prescription medicine (only for the past few years; Texas used to tax you for being on prescription meds), school supplies and children’s clothing (only on specified tax holidays).

If you’re an American, happy Tax Day. I hope yours is as painless as possible.

(Via Avedon.)

CORRECTED regarding the order of the list of states.

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