What Rmoney [sic] Would Really Do As President

Rmoney thought he was talking only to his high-dollar donors in a backyard event at a home, but was, according to MSNBC’s First Read,  “overheard by reporters on a sidewalk below.” Putting aside for the moment that electing Rmoney president would be trusting the nation’s most sensitive secrets to a man who is unaware that a mic is on, or that his backyard event is monitored by reporters, let’s contemplate what Rmoney thinks he will do as president:

In a speech to donors in the backyard of a private home here, the former Massachusetts governor and presumptive GOP presidential nominee outlined his plans to potentially eliminate or consolidate federal agencies, win back Latino voters and reform the nation’s tax code.

Romney went into a level of detail not usually seen by the public in the speech, which was overheard by reporters on a sidewalk below. One possibility floated by Romney included the elimination of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Cabinet-level agency once led by Romney’s father, George. 

“I’m going to take a lot of departments in Washington, and agencies, and combine them. Some eliminate, but I’m probably not going to lay out just exactly which ones are going to go,” Romney said. “Things like Housing and Urban Development, which my dad was head of, that might not be around later. But I’m not going to actually go through these one by one. What I can tell you is, we’ve got far too many bureaucrats. I will send a lot of what happens in Washington back to the states.”

“The Department of Education: I will either consolidate with another agency, or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller. I’m not going to get rid of it entirely,” Romney said, explaining that part of his reasoning behind preserving the agency was to maintain a federal role in pushing back against teachers’ unions. Romney added that he learned in his 1994 campaign for Senate that proposing to eliminate the agency was politically volatile. 

At that time, Sen. Ted Kennedy ran ads against Romney — then a political neophyte — accusing him of being uncaring for saying he wished to eliminate the agency.

“Uncaring” … that’s an excessively generous assessment of this man whose wealth has apparently made him cold and hard toward the “peasants” of America. But then again, Ted Kennedy was frequently generous. No danger of that with Rmoney.

Please read the article for details; I have no desire to repeat them here. Note that Rmoney is basing his campaign on a premise, much like Obama’s premise that his base has nowhere else to go but to him: Rmoney’s version is that by November, among Hispanic voters, the economy will be so bad that it will trump the immigration issues that have made Rmoney so unpopular among Latinos. I’m not so sure about that… at least I wouldn’t be, if I had any confidence in the ability of the Democratic campaign to play its hand (a very full hand indeed) to best advantage.

Again, please read the article, if only to see what a right bastard Rmoney is, and how careless he is with presumed secrets. Apparently he believes that if you’re rich, and give him money, you should be privy to information that we “peasants” aren’t provided. What a great beginning to his campaign!

(H/T David Dayen of FDL.)

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