The Old Days, When Women’s Rights Were Not Under Full‑Scale Assault

Susan Heath, for NYT, tells of her own experience in 1978, in an op-ed titled No One Called Me a Slut. Yes, those were the days: women had constitutionally protected rights to manage their own bodies, rights that were legally safeguarded by a Supreme Court decision. Please read Ms. Heath’s op-ed; it is worth your time more than the usual personal story.

Today we have a GOP War on Women… too fucking bad if they don’t like my calling it what it is. Planned Parenthood, still the primary health care provider for many women, is being systematically defunded at the behest of the radical Right. Women are being rudely demeaned by Republican politicians… Virginia’s Speaker of the House William Howell, recently arguing with a woman, said in so many words that he would try to use simple words so she would understand him. Arizona’s new abortion law is the most extreme ever in America, but it is far from the only extreme one, and the battle continues in other states. The GOP War on Women is being fought primarily on the state level.

There is only one way to fight back: pitch the bastards out of office in 2012. Do it. If you always vote with an eye toward women’s rights, please enlist your friends of similar outlook in the effort to flush the crap that has accumulated in our legislatures. Now is the time.

(H/T Mustang Bobby.)

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