A Minor Blogospheric Complaint

There’s a blog on my blogroll that I rarely visit. Why? Because it displays, repeatedly, the following notice:


Short answer: NO.

I understand why creators of large blogs may resort to ads to recover their costs. But on two occasions I have visited major, big-name blogs on which ads have attempted to install a virus on my computer. One of those two attempts succeeded.

On a lesser level, for a while, there was a car ad on another major, big-name blog which began an audio track as soon as the page was loaded, in defiance of any Mute status I may have set.

I am aware that WordPress inserts occasional frequent ads in my blog, apparently always on an individual post page, a practice with which I am unhappy, but have no choice but to accept if I use their services. So far, no one has complained of any invasive behavior on the part of those ads. I never see them unless I visit while logged off. Please be clear: that is WordPress’s doing, on all its non-premium WordPress-hosted blogs.

But I have no stock in your viewing those ads. If you want to use AdBlock or something similar, go for it. The aforementioned site that puts up whining notices about blocking of its ads can just do something unnatural with a corkscrew as far as I’m concerned. Actually, they can simply refuse to serve a client who has ads blocked. I’m fine with that; I’ll just remove them from my blogroll. But suggesting that I have an obligation to view their ads is just over the top.

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