Here We Gooooooo…….

Is global climate change real? If you’re a right-wing echo chamber participant, you may deny it. But if you’re an American in the continential United States, you have a steep uphill climb to prove your denial. From the Common Dreams staff:

Record Warm March Temperatures Continue Record-Breaking Periods

More than 15,000 warm temperature records broken during March

– Common Dreams staff

The contiguous United States experienced the warmest March ever in the warmest start of the year ever in the warmest 12-month period ever, according to new data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
The record warm March temperatures hit the entire nation with each state having experienced at least one record warm daily temperature. The NOAA reports that there were over 15,000 warm temperature records broken during the month.
The NOAA also connected the record breaking March temperatures to the slew of tornadoes saying that “warmer-than-average conditions across the eastern U.S. also created an environment favorable for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.”
And so on… warmer, hotter, stormier, etc. Deny all you want: global climate change is demonstrably underway. The only thing unresolved is whether humankind… or at least our governments… will take appropriate steps to guard against the worst effects, or (as I tend to suspect) continue business-as-usual on behalf of fossil fuel industry giants, builders of virtual-penis vehicles like the (fortunately defunct) Hummer, manufacturers of spuriously named “defense” systems, etc. Let me clarify, in case anyone failed to understand my message: climate change denialists are obscene self-profiting liars. Period.
My best advice: make sure your new auto is painted white, so it won’t be quite as hot when you’re living in it, somewhere in the elevated areas of North America that are still above water.
Have a nice day! [/snark]
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