Lobotomizing America: Defunding Public Education

Who better than Noam Chomsky to explore the course of state-level public college education over the last three decades… 600 percent increases in tuition, deliberate cutbacks in high-demand programs (nursing, engineering and computer science) that are also high-dollar for the government that funds them, “professionalization” (i.e., increasing the size and business orientation) of university administrations rather than promoting faculty, etc.

This seems fairly simple to me: America is trying to eliminate kids of the sort I represented 50 years ago, poor but bright kids willing to work their tails off for an education that provided an entry into a profession valuable to both the kids and society. If I were of college age today… straight out, I would not be able to afford to attend. I don’t want to think what my life would have been like without that opportunity, for which someone else paid literally in full. Four or five decades ago, there were people in powerful positions who saw the value in funding higher education for the nation’s Steve Bateses. Today? If you can pay, you can play; otherwise, forget it. [Added: or maybe you’d like to take on a mountain of debt, possibly for the rest of your life, to pay for an education. Good luck with that.]

The great scientific research, the great engineering accomplishments, the great strides in computer science… none of those will take place in America in this century, because we’re cutting out our own brains to make rich people richer still.

Have a nice day! [/snark]

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  • thepoormouth  On Thursday April 5, 2012 at 7:31 am

    It strikes me that your loony right is terrified of rational thought And critical thinking. I don’t care for Chomsky (put off him for life ater doing a psycholinguistics module at university)

    • Steve  On Thursday April 5, 2012 at 9:56 am

      Well, Shaun, Chomsky seems to have a way of evoking strong feelings from people! In my case, though, I know only his recent political articles and occasional interviews, so I have no basis for complaint. I am always reminded, though, that one early researcher into primate intelligence named his chimpanzee Nim Chimpsky.

      I believe our “loony right” has no equal in the world. A good friend of mine, an American who lives permanently in Amsterdam, once remarked to me that Europe exported its criminals and religious crazies to the New World several centuries ago, and today, America has their descendants and Europe doesn’t. I can’t say she’s wrong.

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