Poll: Hostility To Contraceptives Costing GOP Support Of Women

According to TPM, a USA Today/Gallup poll now shows President Obama leading among women in the “top dozen battleground states” by 18 points, quite a jump from a 2-point Romney lead a month ago. Obama’s lead among all voters in these states is 9 points, 51 percent to 42 percent. The reason, as both parties admit, is the GOP effort to make contraception less readily available. Can you spell “DAMN FOOLS”, children?

Time for the GOP to double down again. Let’s see: they’ve long since done abortion; they’ve already done contraception; they’ve attempted to destroy the nation’s primary supplier of women’s health care. What’s left? requiring women to wear more modest clothing? requiring women to cover their hair? requiring women to be accompanied by a male family member when they leave home? Forbidding women to drive a car?

Go for it, GOPers. Drive your party to the edge of that cliff and then gun the engine. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving party… and I say that as one who doesn’t even like your presidential opponent.

Women married to Republicans, please ask yourself: is it Lysistrata time yet?

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