Windows™ Live Messenger™… We Know What You’re Sharing™

Microsoft is “actively intercepting and censoring conversations in its Windows Live Messenger program, according to Raw Story. Microsoft censors links to sites known for copyright-violating sharing, but also censors links to portions of those sites that specifically require copyright-legal content. This is what pisses me off royally…

Microsoft is also blocking “The Promo Bay,” where artists submit their materials to be discovered by a mass audience.

Artists the world over use The Promo Bay to help develop a global fanbase, utilizing the very technologies that have caused such consternation among the entertainment industry’s largest players.

In other words, you cannot use Microsoft’s platform to give away material you created your very own self, as a promo. Microsoft has set itself up as official censor, rather like the Catholic Church in Italy as depicted in Cinema Paradiso, not on moral issues but on what artists are permitted to do with their own material.

Then again, Microsoft, unlike Google, never promised, “don’t be evil” …

Few artists record for commercial release on major labels; the opportunities just aren’t there. But in these technologically enriched days, almost every group records publicity material. It’s how you get discovered; it’s how you get gigs. Microsoft doesn’t want you to get gigs unless you’ve already become famous through RIAA-approved channels.

Microsoft has absolutely no right to tell you what to do with material you created to which you also own the rights. Fuck ’em, I say. Find another chat vehicle. Or do without chat.

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