What A Shock [/snark]: NYPD Spied On Liberal Groups

Sometimes there is nothing new under the Sun, and when it comes to NYPD, you’d be hard pressed to find anything bad they haven’t done to someone at some time. Victoria Bekiempis of Village Voice blog Runnin’ Scared tells us about the latest iteration of NYPD’s interminable surveillance of people they don’t like who, damn them, are just not doing anything illegal enough to bust them:

The NYPD didn’t just spy on entire Muslim communities — a new report by The Associated Press reveals that cops also surveilled liberal political groups.

The AP (via CBS) notes that undercover cops went to liberal political groups’ meetings, building intel files on activists and protesters.

The newswire says that interviews and docs collected during the investigation “show how police have used counterterrorism tactics to monitor even lawful activities.”

This follows a course of action much like one they pursued in 2004; please read the article. But apparently this time, the cops couldn’t even get their shit straight in their reports; again, read the article. And again, no surprise there.

Will someone please explain to me how NYC is different from the now defunct East Germany? Or how NYPD’s operations substantively differ from our own FBI COINTELPRO? Sixty years later, the cops are still chasing “subversives”: truly, nothing is new under the Sun!

(H/T Eschaton.)

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