Employers: ‘Give Us Your Facebook Login Or Lose Your Job’

Literally. Or, to a prospective employee, “GUYFL or you don’t get the job.” Facebook is understandably upset, believes such employers are doing something illegal (not merely something detestable) and is threatening to sue them:

In response to a deluge of news reports that employers, including public sector organizations, are increasingly forcing employees and prospective hires to turn over their Facebook login information (or have people login and allow supervisors to look at profiles), Facebook itself has decided to weigh-in on the matter.

On Friday, Facebook’s recently appointed chief privacy officer, Erin Egan, posted a note on the social network’s privacy page explaining that Facebook will “take action to protect the privacy and security of our users,” including suing employers who violate user privacy.

I have consistently declined to join any social networking site because I have not been reassured that the companies that run them will not misuse the data they collect on individuals. Facebook has arguably been the worst about not protecting privacy.

But for an employer to hold a gun to your head and say “your password or your job” is beyond the pale. I hope the bastards get their asses sued off. (If we lived in a society in which every employee was backed by a good union, this kind of BS wouldn’t happen.)

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