The End Of The Beginning Of Infinity

… or, more precisely, The Beginning of Infinity, a book by David Deutsch, FRS, on topics ranging from the physics of the multiverse to the philosophy and morality of science, and even a section on voting systems for fair elections. I just finished reading it a half hour ago. It is an impressive, ah, tome, and I was constrained to read it on a lending library’s timetable. I may write a few words about it later, but at the moment, I am exhausted from reading it. Yes, on the whole, I do recommend it; it is worth reading for people who are interested either in physics or philosophy. But I’d better not get started quite yet…

(Apologies for linking to Amazon. I know all the reasons not to buy there, but sometimes the price difference from, say, Powells or Elliott Bay is simply too great, and I don’t want to see my readers paying $30+S/H when they could pay about $18+S/H.)

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