GOP War On Women Continues: VAWA

The GOP is balking at Democratic attempts to extend the coverage of the Violence Against Women Act, one of the most effective laws on the books since 1994 and since renewed twice without controversy, to same-sex partners and undocumented immigrants.

The GOP is far out of bounds on this one. A law with consequences as grave as this one (hmm… a law of gravity?) should cover all persons within America’s borders, no matter how they’re here and no matter what their sexual orientation. Violence is violence: violence does not suddenly become an acceptable means of dispute resolution just because one or both of the parties are LGBT or undocumented.

Democrats have 59 signatories of the new version of the law in the Senate, including six Republicans. Considering the Republican war on women recently, the wars on abortion, contraception and affordable women’s health care through, say, Planned Parenthood, one would expect the GOP to think twice about risking non‑renewal of this broadly successful law that has, in fact, reduced violence against women… deaths by 35%, nonfatal acts by 53%. But apparently today’s GOP lives to astonish us all, and it seems prepared to put up a fight.

As for American women: why would you vote for a party that loathes you so much that it would risk infringement of your human rights?

UPDATE: as if that weren’t enough, the GOP seems prepared to double down on its opposition to requirements that insurers cover contraceptives, despite polls that clearly show Americans see the matter, not as a religious rights issue, but as a women’s health issue. This surely will also get Republicans in trouble with their “clients,” the insurance industry, which by and large likes contraceptives because they reduce long-run medical costs. With the GOP, if it’s not “open mouth, insert foot,” it’s “open butthole, insert head.”

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  • Steve  On Friday March 16, 2012 at 11:47 am

    An aside to ivanka klaar, whose comments I have no intention of authorizing on this blog (get your own blog): the very last of your reasons for advocating the “Partner … Act” is surely your real purpose: “Curbs immigration fraud.” Right. There it is, hidden in plain sight at the very end of your interminable copy-pasted comment (yes, I can use Google). Some of us are just not as obsessed with your “I’ve-got-mine-so-fuck-you” attitude toward undocumenteds. You may not advocate for your hateful attitude on my turf.

    Most of the support for this act seems to be on “men’s rights” blogs and a miscellany of right-wing sites. I’m sorry, but I see almost ZERO evidence that men are in any significant way put upon by VAWA or any other federal law. If you’re a man to whom “wife beater” is just a T-shirt, well, bully for you… but the incidence of actual spousal abuse before the VAWA was alarmingly high, and I have no intention of allowing you to advocate for its repeal on this site.

    “Let’s put politics and emotions aside, and have an honest conversation.”

    Fucking Jeebus, don’t make me laugh!

    Any future comments you make will go straight to the spam bucket, where I will seldom see them and certainly never read them. Take your attitude and go away.

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