The Shocking Truth: The Obama Playground Tapes

Mashed Potato Bulletin has the details. Who knew that playground tapes of the six-year-old Barack Obama, surrounded by other radicals in their own childhood years and backed by the shadows of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, could give us a glimpse of the cataclysmic consequences of an Obama presidency!

(Heh. Hehheh. HehhehhahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahem.)

Look. Regular readers know I am a stringent critic of President Obama, particularly of his malfeasance on issues of civil liberties, where he is, arguably, worse than GeeDubya Bush ever was. But these videos… the genuine ones, I mean… of Obama in his youth, videos splattered across the web by right-wing nut-jobs as if they were some sort of indictment of Obama, are so asinine inconsequential that their purveyors should be embarrassed. But being a RWNJ means never having to say you’re sorry…

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