Rep. Peter King (R-Macho Mofoville) Plays ‘Manhunter’ On Ride‑Along, Apparently Violating DOJ Policy With Camera Crew Inside Residence

This is just too stupid for words. Rep. Peter King (R-Hunger), dressed (probably without justification) in a POLICE jacket and apparently sporting a badge, rides along with the police crew of the TV show “Manhunter” to a drug bust in the Bronx Brooklyn. Then he posted the video taken inside the residence (taken probably against DOJ regs) on YouTube, then took it down and replaced it with an edited version… but not before TPM grabbed a copy of the original.

On the video, you can tell that King is really proud of himself. It’s almost as if he accomplished the bust singlehandedly. In reality, he almost certainly risked a law enforcement operation, possibly endangered the lives of officers and bystanders, and very likely committed violations of DoJ regs on cameras in private residences, regs that have been in place since 1993. In other words, he acted like a Republican. What a stupid fucking asshole, and a dangerous one at that!

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