American Catholic Hospitals Regularly Deny Women Health‑Saving Or Even Life‑Saving Emergency Care

… often in violation of both law and medical ethics, often ignoring standard-of-care issues, often not even informing women that other options would be available at another hospital. Because of the number of hospital mergers between Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals (guess which one gets to set policies), about one in five American hospitals have varying degrees of religion-based restriction on women’s health care. (For what it’s worth, they take this approach to more than women’s care, e.g., they silently ignore any provisions in anyone’s living will that they feel conflict with Church doctrine.)

Jonathan Turley presents the sorry, sordid story in a post so thoroughly researched that women’s health advocates will want to bookmark it for both its content and its links. Before you go there, prepare yourself to be informed… and offended, by the uncaring disregard for women’s lives in some medical institutions.

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