NYPD, With CIA, Engages In Broad-Based Spying On Muslims In New Jersey

Glenn Greenwald examines the implications. Two questions are obvious:

  • Why is any part of our government spying on people of a particular religion without any individualized suspicion of illegal activities?
  • WTF is NYPD doing operating in New Jersey? Matt Apuzzo, one of the AP reporters who broke the story, tweeted, “If NYPD can write docs like this outside its jurisdiction, where cant they go? Post-9/11, is NYPD a nat’l police force?

Now there’s a terrifying (terrorizing?) thought!

Considering the Republican concern [/snark] about government acts that allegedly deprive people of their First Amendment freedom of religion, why aren’t they all over this? Could it be because the targets of the spying are not Christian? IOKIYANC?


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