Contraception A First Amendment Issue? Here’s How Much The GOP Believes In The First Amendment

This is the kind of thing that is so absurd it would make one laugh… if it weren’t so deadly, relentlessly, terrifyingly serious:

House Republicans have refused to televise a Democratic-led hearing on birth control that features the testimony of a female witness the GOP spurned in a recent hearing, says House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). And Pelosi wants you to know it.

“In an apparent effort to again silence women on the topic of women’s health,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammil said in a statement Tuesday, “the Committee on House Administration, chaired by Dan Lungren, has apparently reversed existing policy and denied a request from the Democratic leadership for the House Recording Studio to cover this event and provide video publicly so all Americans can finally hear Ms. Fluke.”

A GOP aide said it has not been the committee’s policy to accept all such requests, noting that it has at times denied both Democratic and Republican efforts to televise hearings. The aide said granting it to some members necessitates granting it to all members, and there aren’t enough resources for that.

But granting it to one major political party but not the other major party is just peachy-keen with them. And permitting dour Catholic priests to speak and denying speech to a young woman student… who, unlike the priests, might actually be affected… is “jes’ doin’ my duty” to Chair-Nazi Issa.

I do sometimes wish I believed in a Hell. Some people really, really deserve to be there, and Issa is one of them. But I don’t. Damn, so to speak!

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