If You’re Wealthy, You Can Already Afford An Abortion

If you’re poor, there’s always NYAAF. NYAAF often pledges the difference between what a poor woman (e.g., a military wife, or a college student) whose insurance does not cover abortion can manage to pay herself, and what abortions actually cost in real life ($500 at 10 weeks gestation up to $1300 at 20 weeks). NYAAF helps women in New York and women from out-of-state who seek abortions in NYC. We need more organizations like this… does anybody know of similar org’s in other states?

AFTERTHOUGHT: I realize I will receive some flak for saying that we need more access to abortions. Fine: if you are a woman who doesn’t approve of abortion, you should certainly exercise your right not to have one. But I have to offer one observation. Not that many years ago… a decade or two at the most… both sides of the issue, pro-choice and anti-choice (with the exception of the Council of Catholic Bishops, of course), could agree that the best solution to minimizing abortions was better and more readily available contraceptives, together with better education of both women and men in the use of those contraceptives. Regrettably, in the intervening two decades, that common ground has disappeared: the anti-choice forces have allied themselves more and more with undisguised radicals, religious and otherwise, who are so contemptuous of women and women’s freedoms that they even oppose the availability of contraceptives, and attempt to place obstacles in the way of women’s obtaining them. Let me be blunt: these radicals are morally despicable, and I unabashedly despise them. Most of these radicals are old men with no stake in the issue; I’ve read that even 98 percent of American Catholic women use contraceptives To the self-righteous old men, I say, STFU; it’s not your issue. And to any women who go along with them, I say this: make those decisions for yourself, and keep your noses out of other women’s business.

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  • MandT  On Friday February 10, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Nobody wants abortion. It’s a terrible, profoundly traumatic experience, and even more so for the woman who chooses and has the RIGHT (shouting here) to do so. This increasing political misogyny in the name of family values is absurd and needs to be confronted at every turn. For those of us who love women, we say bring it on. Love is about freedom not subjugation. The idea that Catholic Bishop eunuchs speak divinely about women and their bodies is ridiculous and beyond laughable. Good post Steve!

    • Steve  On Friday February 10, 2012 at 10:24 pm

      Thanks, MandT. For all the blather by right-wing anti-choice zealots, including those who publish, all the serious studies on the emotional aftereffects of abortion on women in their lives subsequent to abortion show… unequivocally… that those women are emotionally healthy, lead satisfying, productive lives, and often go on to have children in better circumstances later in life. It is simply not the life-shattering experience the anti-choice radicals say it is. They are flat-out lying.

      That said, I think everyone of good will agrees that safe, reliable contraception is preferable in the first place to abortion. The fact that the nut-jobs rail against making such contraception available to all women of reproductive age who want it speaks volumes about the true motives of the critics. They are NOT people of good will; they would, if they could, condemn women to a life of perpetual pregnancy, poverty and effective slavery. It is very important that all of us do what we can to preserve a woman’s right to choose birth or abortion.

  • MandT  On Saturday February 11, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Forcing women to look a images of their fetus before an abortion is nothing less than sadistic and torture. I trust that women of all political classes rise up in the next election. OCCUPY Bishops.

    • Steve  On Saturday February 11, 2012 at 10:24 pm

      MandT, I’d settle for revocation of the USCCB’s tax exemption.

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