Ghost Of J. Edgar Hoover Lives… FBI Releases File On Steve Jobs

Think about it a minute. What possible rational basis could the FBI have for releasing Jobs’s file now that he is dead?

Of course the reports are mixed, ranging from scathing criticism to grudging and even heartfelt praise. The criticisms are no surprise, either; many of them had appeared in his published biography. It was no secret that Jobs used psychedelic drugs. It was no secret that he had a daughter out of wedlock, whom he did not initially support as one might think he should have. It was hardly a secret that he was not always the most straightforward person in business dealings. And it was well-known that the technology on which Apple made its fortune was initially developed not through Jobs’s often-reported “vision” but instead at Xerox-PARC, where management was insufficiently foresighted to realize what they had.

But really, what the fuck? The man is dead; who is he harming now? Your tax dollars that funded the FBI’s dossier have already long since been poured directly down the drain. Who is the FBI aiming at? Who in the FBI had a vendetta? This sounds so very much like the reported behavior of the late FBI director that I wonder if his ghost haunts the halls, whispering to current officials what things they should keep illegally secret and what things they should release with a splash.

AFTERTHOUGHT: As I read the released Jobs documents, I can’t help remembering my 2003 doggerel titled “(Redacted)“.

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  • MandT  On Friday February 10, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    “—ghost haunts the halls”—It has been reported that a large, ephemeral, shadowy figure in a flowered summer hat,.size 16 pumps and fluffy chiffon haunts the restroom attached to J Edgar’s old office.

    • Steve  On Friday February 10, 2012 at 10:32 pm

      MandT – 🙂 I can’t fault anyone’s taste in clothes, but I have read that Director Hoover’s choices were… interesting.

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