GOP Blackmails On FAA Bill By Inserting Anti‑Union Provision

and there’s some indication Democrats may cave:

Democrats and Republicans have been unable to pass a long-term reauthorization because Republicans insisted it include a provision that would change mediation rules such that workers who abstained from unionization votes would be counted as if they’d voted “no.”

Democrats held their ground, and the provision was stripped. However, what went in was this: a new union-busting measure would make it harder for workers to trigger a union election by increasing the percentage of workers who must declare interest in unionizing from 35 to 50.

After giving it serious consideration, major unions have concluded that compromise measure is just as unacceptable. Now they’re calling on members to stand against the package until the offending provisions are deleted.

And it is unacceptable to this old retired union member. Support Democrats? Fuck ’em. If they cave on this, then Republicans, with a majority in one house in Congress and without the presidency, have the Democratic majority by both balls.

[Inserted] What’s next? Allow GOPers to insert a provision in every state constitution that counts all citizens who do not vote as having voted

This has the potential to sever my already strained relations with the Democratic Party for good and all. What use are they, if they will contemplate abandoning the rights of one of their biggest groups of supporters?

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