VA Gov McDonnell (R): ‘Heads, We Win… Tails, You Lose’

I think I don’t even need a link to articles or blog posts about Republican presidential candidates blaming Obama for the troubles in the economy, including the failure until recently to achieve any decrease in the unemployment rate. But Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has a particularly irritating spin, which I suppose some people will believe if they want to: according to McDonnell, the recent small but noticeable improvement in job numbers is due to the actions of Republican governors, and Obama gets no credit for it.

Regular readers know I am no fan of Obama, and the fact is that very little that could be done to improve the massive unemployment situation has been done by anyone in either party. But as a simple matter of fact, the very little that has been done, admittedly a couple of years ago now, was done on the initiative of the Obama administration.

So we have the usual Republican bullshit: heads, they win; tails, we lose. If unemployment numbers rise, it’s Obama’s fault; if they decline, the credit goes entirely to Republicans.

The crap-fest is in full swing now; be careful where you step.

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