Voter Fraud Is REAL… As Indiana SecState (R) Learns In His 6 Felony Convictions

Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White (R) has been convicted on 6 of 7 felony counts of voter fraud. But it’s not your ordinary voter fraud. White didn’t merely try to vote where he doesn’t live, or try to vote twice, or attempt to obtain early ballots illegally, thereby defrauding society with his vote. No, White lied about where he lived, to remain on the voter rolls of Fishers, Indiana… which was not his actual residence… so that he could serve on the Fishers city council despite having moved away. In other words, Charlie White didn’t defraud the public with just his own vote, though he did that, too… he defrauded every voter in the council district in which he illegally took a seat, those who voted for him and those who did not.

This is the second actual case of voter fraud we’ve seen in about two weeks. The other was that of James O’Keefe in New Hampshire, who sent people to polls intending illegally to obtain ballots of recently deceased people… in O’Keefe’s hope of proving that voter fraud is possible… in the process proving that attempted voter fraud is indeed typically caught.

The fact to remember is this: both fraudsters are Republicans. Need I say more?

Actually, there is one more thing to say. White is asking the judge to reduce his charges to misdemeanors, which might allow him to keep his office. Some people are incapable of shame…

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