Mitt Wins Nevada

Mitt wins the Nevada Caucuses.

Newt says he won’t quit.

Good. Beat the <BLEEP> out of each other, “gentlemen”! (You know it must be bad if I bleep it. Imagine something worse than the worst curse word you know. Something as bad as “Republican” …)


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  • MandT  On Sunday February 5, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    Steve, don’t miss David Michael Green’s latest article. It’s a doozy: ——put my walking cane in overdrive! LOL

    • Steve  On Sunday February 5, 2012 at 6:14 pm

      MandT, do you really believe the GOP is going down, any sooner, I mean, than America as a whole is going down? I believe the idiocy is self-sustaining in a way that sane people like us cannot conceive of.

      Fake-onomics, fake piety, fake morality, fake elections and fake inter-class economic fairness are all, on their face, ridiculous… but among the ruling class the fakes sustain themselves in a way that was probably not unfamiliar to our founders; they had seen it for themselves and recognized it for what it was. But the GOP has succeeded in persuading self-proclaimed economic “conservatives” that someday they, as individuals, will be among the 1%, and simultaneously persuaded the religious dominionists that they will be in control of a grand American theocracy with THEIR god in charge… not ours, theirs. Both GOP factions are deceived, but both seem capable of limitless belief in the impossible, and that keeps the GOP alive and the bus of state headed right over the cliff. Haaannng oooonnnn….

  • MandT  On Sunday February 5, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    It will take generations for the GOP to lose national stature. If Dubya couldn’t do it, or Gingrich for that matter, it won’t happen any time soon. My guess is that it will become mutli-sectarian and more exclusively fascist on the state level, Michigan and Arizona are perfect examples. Meanwhile the old establishment will die in DC, convinced that dragging America into the 18th century is godly and patriotic. What I like about David’s article is its zest and wrote him that I think we are advanced in the grief stage now and angry as hell.

    • Steve  On Monday February 6, 2012 at 9:54 am

      MandT, in the 18th century, Americans had less technology, less comfort, fewer gadgets, no automobiles, no PCs-TVs-DVDs-camcorders-digital-cameras-cell-phones-PDAs-Internet-ATMs-life-saving-meds or hourly flights from Houston to Dallas for those who could afford them, but they had, at least those who were not slaves had, more freedom and more say in their government than we do today. I can understand the desire to go “back,” but “back” is not an option in this universe. And the GOP’s “back” is a scam, a door-to-door salesman’s pitch for encyclopedias or floor wax or miracle salves for a pain in your, um, back.

      As I write this, the GOP is waging all-out war on unions, mostly on the state level but most recently in Congress, by blackmailing: pointing the pistol and rasping, “kill workers’ rights, or the FAA safety law gets it.” I am dumbfounded that any citizen with an ounce of awareness can possibly support such a party, but their effective use of fear of things known and unknown has been devastatingly effective at drawing in people who really should know better. But they don’t know better, and if either of us had grandchildren, they probably would grow up in a GOP-dominated America. Waiting for the GOP to die a natural death is a lost cause.

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