Republicans Lying (One Might As Well Say ‘Republicans Breathing’) About Obama’s ‘Entitlement Society’

Robert Reich points out the gross misrepresentation. Newt calls Obama “the best food-stamp president in American history.” (No, of course there’s no racism there; wink-wink.) Mitt, meanwhile, says “Over the past three years Barack Obama has been replacing our merit-based society with an entitlement society.” (Oh yeah, corporate raiding is really merit-based.) Both of them criticize people who receive any federal benefit… even Social Security, which presumably the recipients paid for during their working lives. I can say only one thing in response to Mittsy and Newtie:


Of course, that will mean you’ll have to accommodate my genuine disability: I can no longer commute 15-20 miles each way to a contract every day, or drive to Austin on a project, as I did a few years ago before I was crippled. And you’ll have to deal with the basic facts of hiring an OLD guy. But before you go accusing me of not trying hard enough, why don’t you take some of your own goddam ill-gotten money and HIRE some people with disabilities?

After examining the realities of the state in which ordinary workers have found themselves after the bubble-driven collapse of the economy in 2008, Reich summarizes matters this way:

If anything, America’s safety nets have been too small and shot through with holes. That’s why the number and percentage of Americans in poverty has increased dramatically over the past three years. According to a study by Northeastern University,  a third of families with young children are now in poverty.

This is the real scandal. For example, only 40 percent of the unemployed qualify for unemployment benefits because they weren’t working full time or long enough on a single job before they were canned [or because they were self-employed in the first place – SB]. The unemployment system doesn’t take account of the fact that a large portion of the workforce typically works part time on several jobs, and moves from job to job.

Apparently the only way Mittsy and Newtie would ever realize that an injustice has been perpetrated against the workers of America is if they woke up one morning and found that someone had mysteriously absquatulated with all their wealth during the night… and even then I suspect there would be more than a bit of whining about its being “unfair” that they were no longer wealthy. As if their wealth ever had anything to do with fairness in the first place, instead of their well-chosen parents and their shady business practices.

What a sorry bunch of losers. And they claim cripples and jobless people are to blame!

This week I have one thing in common with Paul Krugman: I am entering Day 5 of a really annoying cold. The initial high temperature is gone, and sometimes I don’t have a coughing fit for as long as a half hour at a time. (Yes, of course I’m taking something for it… what’ll you give me? [ba-dum-boom]) But if this malady makes me miss hearing the great Richard Egarr (Google the name) in a solo harpsichord recital tomorrow night, I’m going to be very, very disappointed, not to mention out big bucks for tics…

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  • MandT  On Thursday February 2, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    DAMN! I’m with ya. Some bitch at Safeway driving a huge SUV gave me attitude when she saw me bumbling with a cane in the cross walk and impeded her very important life. DAMN, I say, Seniors OCCUPY assholes! Whew, now I feel beer. Thanks man!

    • Steve  On Thursday February 2, 2012 at 9:53 pm

      When some SOB dashes past me in the checkout area, almost knocking my cane out from under me in his attempt to get to the register first, I always shout “IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BEAT THE CRIPPLE TO THE REGISTER!” Sometimes they apologize, but more often, they did what they did deliberately in the first place.

      I despair of the survival of civility in our society. Before I was crippled, I never treated cripples that way!

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