The Horse Race: Who Among Progressives And Libertarians Might Cast What Kind Of Protest Vote

Most of you who read this site regularly know that I am not enthusiastic about covering horse-race issues. This piece by Paul Jay of The Real News Network is something of an exception. In a single short (20 min.) interview, Jay queries Matt Welch, editor of Reason Magazine, and Megan Carpentier, editor of The Raw Story… in other words, presumed political opposites (call them libertarian and progressive) but neither known as a ranting, raving maniac… on the general subject of which candidates, if any, appeal to which base, and where the disillusioned of both sides are likely to go in November. The audio quality of the interview is occasionally problematic, but on the whole it’s a well-spent 20 minutes.

H/T SouthernDragon of FDL.

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