George And Ira, Updated

If George and Ira Gershwin had lived in the era of the Department of Homeland Security, they might have written the following, instead of this (please forgive my skipping the prelude):

Someone to Watch Over Me
There’s a somebody I’m dreading to see,
Could he not be
Someone to watch… over me.

I am on the lam, and hid in the wood,
Catch me? He could,
He’s mighty good
At keeping watch… over me.

Although he’s no Tom, Dick or Harry
One thinks of… as scary,
To my codes, he carries
The key…

Don’t you know that he’s a dangerous breed?
Clean clothes I need:
My pants I’ve peed…
Saw one who’ll watch… over me!

– SB the YDS
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  • Steve  On Monday January 16, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Afterthought: I know it marks me as old, but I prefer Ella’s renditions of the original song to Lady Gaga’s. Different eras; different styles: ice cream is good in any flavor, as long as it’s not mellorine.

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