Morning Errand – Maybe

I am scheduled to deal with some necessary business this morning. It involves a slightly longer drive than usual, and we’re having severe thunderstorms this morning. A tornado just passed through southwest-to-northeast; I don’t know how close it came to here, but I stuck by the radar loop display until I was pretty sure I didn’t need to hide in a closet. According to NWS it is theoretically not coming back here, but I’m not looking forward to this drive. Keep your fingers crossed that no other tornadoes form while I am out. I’ll be back this afternoon, and by evening I may have an interesting event to report (something more enjoyable than a tornado).

UPDATE a few minutes later: I just phoned and found out there are reports of street flooding near the office I’m going to, so I’m going to stick at home until the worst of this passes. The street flooding is happening in spite of a long spell of relatively dry weather with at most occasional light rain, so you can imagine how heavy these showers are if they’re filling up the streets.

AND a few minutes after that: Flooding reported and photographed about a mile north of here, right on my planned route. Fuggedaboutit; I’m staying home for a few hours until this passes.

WHILE YOU WAIT, here’s an amazing NASA photo of the Moon and the International Space Station “nearby” (only in angular terms, of course), taken with a Nikon D3S.

(The photo says “NASA” but it also says “AP”; that intimidated me into taking down the large version. The link will take you to it, though.)

UPDATE about 11AM CST: the severe storms have passed me to the east, but given the continued flash flood warnings, I’m sitting here for a while longer.
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  • Bryan  On Monday January 9, 2012 at 11:54 am

    The picture is from NASA/Lauren Harnett and was taken in Houston on 01/04. It is the NASA ‘Picture of the Day’.

    San Diego was a mess when it rained, which was rare. It always flooded because the storm drains filled with sand during the dry season.

  • Steve  On Monday January 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Bryan, they do a pretty good job of keeping the storm drains clear here, but flooding is still a not uncommon event because we get severe storms with lots of rain in a couple of hours. The rain has stopped here now, and I’m simply waiting for the recommended time at which the flood danger is supposed to have passed.

    I thought about you as I wrote this post… you write less for a hurricane than I do for a flood-plus-tornado! Maybe I do overreact… 🙂

    As to the Moon pic, I got it from an AP source, and AP is so damned fussy that even though my tax dollars paid for the photo, I figured they might give me grief…

    • Bryan  On Monday January 9, 2012 at 11:07 pm

      Were I NASA I would complain about AP slapping their copyright notice on a my photo. Posting something on your site doesn’t give you rights to it.

      Yeah, they probably would complain which is why SOPA should be dumped – the morons don’t understand the copyright law.

      We are blessed with the magic white quartz sand that just absorbs water as soon as it makes over the curbs. Golf courses and other expanses of grass are the only things that flood around here.

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