Ray McGovern: ‘A Betrayal Of The Founders’

Via Michael Moore’s “friends’ blog,” we have Ray McGovern, retired CIA analyst and a founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, laying out a few pages of much-needed sanity about what has happened and is happening to the foundations of our once-and-future free society. Read “A Betrayal of the Founders“; I guarantee you will be inspired.

Full disclosure, akin to the warnings after ads for pharmaceuticals: in addition to being inspired, you may also find yourself angered, terrified, bereft of hope, full up with hope, uncertain which direction to proceed, absolutely certain which direction to take, and/or overflowing with determination. These are all well-documented side-effects reported by those who have committed deeply to the practice of democracy. Regarding other side-effects, consult literally anyone but your president or your members of Congress. Offer not void especially where prohibited!

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