McCain, At Campaign Stop With Romney, Calls Romney ‘President Obama’

Here’s the story, with video.

Yes, this certainly disqualifies McCain from the office of the presidency. Thank the good Dog he didn’t win in 2008, for this and other reasons.

And yet, as one whose mother succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease, I can’t help feeling sympathy for McCain. He is in the initial phase of dementia in which he almost certainly is aware of its onset, but doesn’t always succeed in heading off the consequences in a public speech. Mom went through that, though not in public… it was heartbreaking to watch her forget the names of lifelong friends, and yes, ultimately, of her family.

My sympathy does not extend to the point of believing that McCain should stay in office. If he is committing gaffes like that, he should resign forthwith, giving the GOP as much time as possible to find a suitable replacement candidate. (Or who knows; maybe the Democrats can find someone suitable. But this is Arizona we’re talking about.)

The only thing that could be more tragic than observing a loved one headed into dementia is observing a loved one in a position of power and/or authority headed into dementia. It is time for McCain to celebrate his political career… and end it.

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