Getting Their Goat

Thom Hartmann tells us all about it:

Crazy Alert!  The goat that ruined Christmas.  A 3-year-old goat is on the lam in Minnesota after it escaped from its role in a nativity scene last weekend.  The goat acted alongside a llama and two dogs for the nativity scene at Bethlehem Church in Fergus Falls – but eventually wiggled from from its collar and made a run for it.  Despite multiple sighting of the renegade goat throughout the week – local police have been unable to collar it and bring it back home. There’s speculation that the goat realizes that if he’s found – his next stop is the couch at Fox and Friends for a thorough tongue lashing about his role in this year’s war on Christmas.   

I don’t know. It sounds to me as if the folks from Bethlehem Church are just looking for a scapegoat…

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