DoJ Blocks South Carolina Voter ID Law: Disproportionate Effect On Non-Whites

I have no doubt that was the intention all along. To my regret, the Republican South has not yet really entered even the 20th century, let alone the 21st, and I’m certain as I sit here that the law was carefully crafted to have precisely the effect the Justice Dept. says it would have. It’s high time the DoJ ruled similarly on other Voter ID laws. SC’s was the most extreme, but even the less severe law in Texas can have no possible intent other than preventing the votes of people liable not to have the acceptable IDs required… among them, elderly minorities.

This was a solution seeking a nonexistent problem. There is no real evidence that voter fraud is a serious problem in any state; just look at the returns from the last election in your area at the number of ballots questioned as being duplicates or out-of-district votes. It happens with a frequency you can count on one hand. This is a GOP stunt to deprive people of their legitimate access to the ballot.

Not that it makes much difference these days who you vote for…

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