Debtors’ Prison Revived

Welcome to the day after Christmas. Not to harsh your buzz, but things are still worse than they’ve ever been.

Via Michael Moore, we learn from NPR that collection agencies have been employing debt collection tactics that land people in jail. Exactly what debtors are supposed to do from jail to remedy their debt situation is quite beyond my imagination. But this 19th-century (and earlier) phenomenon has returned. Welcome to the latest abuse of the poor in America, right up there with fraudulent home foreclosures and long-term unemployment past the duration of benefits. Now we have another group of poor people being tossed into jail, where they can neither begin paying off their debts nor (often enough) bail themselves out.

America… Fuck Yeah! USA! USA! … and many of the people who perpetrate this shit call themselves Christians. What was that shortest Bible verse? “Jesus wept”?

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