Spam Of The Week

I don’t open spam, but I do occasionally look at the message source before deleting it. Today’s spam contained a supposedly heart-rending letter, a plea for help for tiny “Aleksandar, who has been diagnosed with a 100% impaired central nervous system.” Wait a minute… wouldn’t that mean little Aleksandar is… like… dead? And all they’re asking for is $62,000 US for… medical care? no, for a home for Aleksandar’s family!

I don’t mean to seem unsympathetic, but there are millions of seriously ill Aleksandars all over the world, and I can guarantee you most of them don’t live in a $75,000 home. Couldn’t the spammer at least take the trouble to make the story a bit more plausible? For example, they could tell me I have inherited a fortune from a Nigerian prince…

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