Google Search, The Almighty Presumptuous

I was searching for an old bit of parody. The original was Dr. Seuss’s famous “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The parody was by Mark D. Harmon of Texas Tech University in preparation for the 1994 election, and was called “How the Gingrinch Stole Christmas.” (I adapted it for the 1996 elections, cleaning up the scansion more than a bit, but never web-published my version.)

Today it occurred to me to try to find the parody. My own adaptation was miraculously still on my HD. Harmon’s version? In Google Chrome’s everything bar, I boldly typed “how the gingrinch stole christmas”; the Google search engine responded “Searching for ‘how the gingrich stole christmas’ instead”, gave me the wrong search results and gave me a link to search for exactly what I typed.

I clicked the link, with a curse under my breath. Google found the results right away, but couldn’t resist saying, “Did you mean ‘how the gingrich stole christmas’?” and provided a link to search for that which I had already just rejected. I’ll spare you the stream of obscenities I uttered at that point.

There was a discussion on one of Bryan’s threads this morning about software that is “too helpful” … I’d say Google Search is that and more.

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