More Adventures In Technology

About two weeks ago, my email software stopped working with my email host. I have a heavy-duty commercial email host left over from my contracting days, when lost email was a major PITA for me and my clients. This host has been utterly reliable for several years.

I use Mozilla Thunderbird v. 3.1.15 for Ubuntu Linux. Thunderbird, too, has always served me well. I have three IMAP accounts, two registered to my own domain and one GMail account. For years, the mail just rolled in, with no problems. Then it stopped. The s/w would visibly attempt to check mail, but would simply go away into neverland, with the “wait” cursor spinning away. Finally I gave up and started using my email host’s webmail, which is itself respectably powerful, and was no real hardship to use.

Today I had reason to add something to my address book. In Thunderbird as in Outlook, you can create an address book. Today I opened Thunderbird to get to the address book, and with no additional actions on my part, emails started appearing from my high-powered commercial email host. Since I use IMAP, all the ones over the past two weeks were out there, too, and appeared as if nothing had ever happened.

It’s sort of like the Bunko V’America experience (see below), except I believe from prior experience that my email host company really is quite committed to customer happiness. Not being able to use standard s/w used by probably millions of UNIX and Linux users is bound to have caused somebody besides me some inconvenience.

File the episode under “mysteries never to be solved.” At least not by me.

(Corrected to remove references to Lightning, which is the calendar add-on, not the address book, which is intrinsic to Thunderbird.)

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  • Madeleine Begun Kane  On Monday December 19, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Have I ever told you how much I love technology? Haha!

    Good luck with your email!

    And thanks for posting that fun limerick on my blog!

    Hope you have a great holiday season!

    • Steve  On Monday December 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm

      Mad, I seem to have had good luck indeed with my email; things have returned to working properly the way they did for years.

      Thanks for the kind word about my limerick, and the very best of holiday seasons to you and yours!

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