Police Label Occupy Montreal Protesters With UV Ink Scratched Into Skin

Via Adgita Diaries, in turn via AMERICAblog, we have documentation from Salon that

Occupy protesters in Montreal were dismayed to find they had been marked by police with a special ink that is only visible in UV light after being arrested during a raid of Victoria Square Friday.

Apparently the ink lasted four days and irritated the skin of some protesters.

Let me see, where have I heard of labeling people with numbers before… hey, no need to reinvent the wheel, right?

ADDENDUM: via the same set of sources, there has been evidence since 2009 that DoD training courses instruct that “protests” are to be regarded as “low-level terrorism.” That may not have been important before the law allowed/required the military to commit even American citizens to indefinite detention without due process for association with terrorism, but now I’d say it’s kind of a big deal. Wouldn’t you? I ask you, because it’s your First Amendment that is being revoked.

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