OccupyPhilly, OccupyLA Evicted

Kevin Gosztola has details. One interesting detail in OccupyLA was that a lottery determined what members of the press were in a “pool” that was “embedded” with police for their “protection.” It’s the same old story…

It’s really time for #Occupy in general to begin thinking about its post-occupation approach. It is obvious that most city mayors, even allegedly friendly ones like Villaraigosa, will use police to suppress free speech when it becomes inconvenient to them. And toward the end, the mainstream media paid almost no attention to the occupations, apart from the cops-vs.-protesters angle. I had hoped for enough public response to lead to more general strikes, but apparently the American public is content to sit and watch while its rights are dismantled, one city at a time. How the mighty have fallen…

UPDATE: I missed this earlier… at one point, as LA police read aloud a notice about “unlawful assembly” (says who?), the crowd in response did a mic check of the First Amendment. Also, apparently Philadelphia used mounted police. Why?

UPDATE: Jon Walker asks the question which he has asked before: where are cash-strapped cities getting the money to field these raids involving hundreds of officers (1400 last night in L.A.), most of them surely working overtime? Are the #Occupy takedowns being funded, perhaps, by DHS?

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