Let’s Play… Hollywood Fascism!

The entertainment industry is attempting to destroy the Internet in yet another effort to protect its copyrights. They don’t give a good damn about your rights, only about their own. The measures authorized for them in the proposed law, PIPA (Protect IP Act, where IP is “intellectual property”); also SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), are beyond extreme. Yes, many of them are probably unconstitutional… isn’t everything these days? … but the bill is on a fast track for passage, and it will, with virtual certainty, destroy much of the Internet as we know it, most particularly the blogosphere.

Please read Kos for details. Watch the videos, if you can get them to work… I couldn’t.

MORE INFO: http://americancensorship.org/

UPDATE Wed. night: TPM Livewire says MPAA Willing to Revise Stop Online Piracy Act. NY Times says something similar. Somehow, when the MPAA representative says “We will come forward with language that will address some of the legitimate concerns,” I am not much comforted. Expect to have to shelter from the shitstorm anyway.

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