We’re Right, They’re Wrong, And Recent History Proves It

Over on Digby’s blog, thereisnospoon examines the history in America and the contemporary course of events in other international industrial economies of the baldfaced failure of so-called conservative economic approaches and the demonstrable successes of liberal policies. ‘spoon uses a column by Jonathan Chait as a starting point of an explanation that liberals’ frustration with Obama has nothing to do with our dislike of his philosophical leanings and everything to do with his and his administration’s utterly wrongheaded approaches to solving real-world problems when, in fact, the viable solutions to those problems have long been known and put into practice, historically here in America, and more recently in Europe, Canada and Japan.

Ideological obsession is always unattractive, and Obama’s team has it, packed full and running over. How can we turn this around before we end up in a full-blown, catastrophic train wreck?

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