Lambert Strether Narrates UC Davis Video, With Time Indexes

His transcript is posted on Naked Capitalism, presumably because Corrente was down at the time it was posted.

The comment thread, as long as it is, is nonetheless, on the whole, worth your time to read.

I can’t say it often enough: the students participating in this civil disobedience action were superb at what they did. The nonviolent response to deplorably violent police action was courageous; the “mic check” shaming of the police was not only precisely phrased but a very nearly perfect response to the police action. Even the stylized politeness of the students’ demand “Please do not return!” succeeded in emphasizing the contrast between what the Occupiers did and what the police did.

(Specifically: it emphasized what the UC Davis Police did, not the Davis city police. The UC Davis police, dressed like storm troopers and armed as if for a riot, were campus police. Dog help us all!)

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